You need help maintaining your website, but don’t know who to turn to

Sant Media to the rescueIt’s not altogether rare for a business to suddenly find it’s on its own – at least where managing their website is concerned. All kinds of things can create the problem, including:

  • Having recently purchased a business you inherit a large website without anyone to manage it for you.
  • Your in-house webmaster or web manager suddenly leaves, or is fired.
  • Your out-sourced website manager goes bump.
  • Maybe you recently purchased a massive website with the mother of all Content Management Systems, and now find it’s too complex to manage yourselves.

These problems needn’t stop you from maintaining a fresh, regularly updated website, because we can take over this work for you. Just because the people who designed your website are no longer around, or have proven too expensive, don’t think that your website is doomed to failure.

We have years of experience in creating websites and website content, so we are ideally placed to help you out.

The advantages of using Sant Media to manage your website

Here’s a few reasons why allowing us to manage your website is a great idea:

  • We don’t ask for a retainer fee – we just charge you hourly in half hourly increments.
  • As your payment history builds, so will your credit level.
  • We have over a decade of experience in copywriting so we can assist in creating original content.
  • We can bring our graphic design and photo manipulation skills to bear at every stage, ensuring that your brand and website theme are reinforced, not diluted.
  • We can bring our HTML, CSS, and scripting skills to bear, allowing us to ensure new content integrates seamlessly.
  • Many small changes can be made within 24hrs – and often sooner!
  • You deal with one person – me, Steve Sant!

All we need are the login details to your web hosting account, and your content management system, and we’ll do the rest! We would ask you not to email any such information to us. We will always arrange more secure methods of exchanging such data.

Can you trust us? What about security?

We manage over 50 websites for regular customers. We also host many of those sites on our own dedicated servers through Ziphost, our sister company. If we ever behaved negligently, our customers would soon vanish! Feel free to contact our existing customers if you would like a reference to our integrity.

We store all passwords, and account data in strongly encrypted formats that are not accessible from the internet – only from our office computers. This information is backed up on redundant storage, and a copy is stored offsite for safe keeping (again, all data is strongly encrypted).

Anyone who knows me, will know how seriously I take security, particularly where our clients are concerned.

Don’t delay!

Websites that are updated less frequently are not favoured by search engines. They aren’t as enjoyable for your existing customers to read, and they are far less likely to attract new business!