Website Design

I make it easy to manage great websites for less! My websites are built using WordPress, arguably the world’s most popular CMS (Short for Content Management System – just a fancy name for a system that allows you to manage your own content).

Business Website DesignTake control of your website and instantly update it as often as you wish. You don’t need to be an I.T. expert, and you don’t need a dedicated web designer to maintain your site from day to day. WordPress is simple to use for beginners, yet powerful enough to allow more experienced users to add dozens of features, including e-commerce!

Manage your own stuff

  • Manage your own content via a dedicated control panel facility.
  • Add as many pages and news articles as you like, including your own photos, videos and PDF files –  it only takes seconds to add new content.
  • Built in search facilities.
  • Multiple user accounts, so more than one person can share in the running of your site.
  • Optional comment facility on news posts, getting your customers more involved.
  • Search engine friendly – you just add your content, and the system automatically takes care of building sensible page URLs that search engines love!

No more spiralling costs & NO CATCH!

  • Because you are not constantly having to come back to me every time you want to change something on your website, you can more easily budget for your website maintenance costs each year.
  • The only time I need to become involved is when you need custom graphics, or further customisations to your overall design.
  • You aren’t tied into us. Usually, apart from some nominal licensing fees, you are free to leave us if you wish (but we’re sure you won’t!).

A sound investment

Even if you decide to completely change the look of your website in a few years – WordPress provides a framework that allows you to completely re-brand and design your website while retaining all of your valuable information – minimising the work required to relaunch your site in future.